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20 Reasons To Buy A Backyard Office Shed

home office shed exterior 10 x 14 feet
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Adding a backyard shed to use as a home office may sound like a good idea to you, but not quite yet a great idea. You (and perhaps your spouse) need more convincing.

We’re here to help. Because backyard office sheds are so popular, we were able to gather 20 reasons for your consideration – and to help you take the next step.

Here are 20 strong, actual reasons home owners have for adding a shed to their backyard to use as a home office:

1. Never drive to work again and commute in a few steps

You can be at work in mere seconds by simply walking out your backdoor, across your yard, and into your shed. And then, when you want, return home equally fast. The average commute in the USA is 26.6 minutes each way. Multiply that by 2 times each day, 250 work days a year, and you can reclaim over 220 hours annually wasted driving or on public transport.

Plus, it’s so much easier to make it to work on time when you don’t have to worry about problems in your commute, such as car trouble, traffic jams, or bad weather.

Your “backyard commute” avoids the frustration of stop-and-go traffic, idiot drivers cutting you off, and rushing to make it to work on time.

avoid long work commute with backyard office shed

2. Avoid home distractions

Put a healthy distance between your home life and your work life with just a few steps.

Working from your kitchen table while your kids and pets swarm around you makes for a frustrating experience. The dirty secret about multi-tasking is that it doesn’t actually work. Rather than getting more done, you just do more than one thing poorly.

Constant distractions make your work performance suffer. You put in the hours, but don’t get the results. And your bosses can tell.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to work in your home. You can add enough separation between your two worlds with a backyard office shed.

work from home distractions without backyard office sheds

3. Separate your work and family environments

Working from a table or nook in your house driving you crazy? It’s not you, it’s the unbalanced blend of your work and home. When you always can see your work, sitting there on the dining room table, you never really get a break from it. So even when you’re off the clock, you can’t truly relax.

With a backyard shed, those few steps from your backyard to your office can make all the difference. You’ll have the needed separation to make your home life more relaxing, and your working hours more productive.

separate your work and family environments with an office shed

4. Be more productive

Get your work done better and faster without home distractions … and even the distractions of a busy corporate office.

A calmer shed environment translates into a more productive you. You can even make your backyard office shed as comfortable as your house with our heating and air conditioning options.

increase work from home productivity with backyard shed

5. Save on travel costs

Avoiding your commute will not only save on gasoline, but also on your vehicle’s depreciation, or save on bus or rail fare. That savings can help offset a significant part of a shed’s cost. If you finance your shed, you may find that your travel cost and car depreciation savings more than offset your financing payments. If so, your backyard office shed could pay for itself.

save on commuting travel cost with home office shed

6. A more flexible schedule

Your work schedule is much more flexible when your office is just steps away rather than on the other side of a long commute. You can work in shorter time segments, and quickly switch to caring for your kids, exercise, run an errand, handle a small emergency, or whatever breaks you need.

Lunches at home will cost much less than at restaurants. And leftovers go right in the fridge.

With your backyard office shed, your work schedule is no longer set in stone. Your new, more flexible schedule reduces your overall stress.

more flexible work from home schedule with office shed

7. More affordable and less disruptive than an addition or renovation

A backyard shed costs a fraction of what an addition to your house does. Rather than have your house torn up for months, you can have your shed installed in a day or two without having a hole in your house.

And, depending on your local zoning requirements, for sheds under 200 square feet you can often avoid the need to get permits and an architect, making it easier to manage.

high home addition or renovation costs avoided with backyard shed

8. Reclaim your house

Your kitchen is meant for cooking meals, not deals. It’s harder to sleep in your bedroom when you have your work desk also there. Your kids are only getting more squirrely when your work stuff takes over their play space.

Move your office into a backyard shed and make your house a home again.

reclaim your house with office shed

9. Get a break from your partner

You love your partner so much that you committed to each other in sickness and health. But at the alter you likely weren’t expecting to be together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When working from home, the endless hours together can become an unexpected burden to both of you. Plus, if your spouse is also working from home it’s an extra inconvenience to plan your Zoom calls when your spouse is also not on a call, or to be forced to another room when your spouse has his or her calls. That adds extra stress upon your relationship, as you are with each other nearly every waking minute.

With a backyard shed office, you can provide needed separation to take unwanted pressure off your relationship.

get healthy break from partner wfh office shed

10. Add the actual space you need for an office

You bought a house that was just the right size for your family. But that didn’t include space for your job, too. Now you’re cobbling space from your kitchen, dining room, basement, or bedroom — but it simply isn’t enough. It’s stressful to work in a cramped space, and to put everything away every day, or worse, leave it out all the time.

With a backyard office shed, you’ll truly have enough space for your desk, computer, files, and whatever else you need to get the job done.

add useable house space backyard office shed

Anatomy Of A Home Office Shed Design

See the design elements chosen to transform this 10 x 14 foot Modern Series shed into a backyard home office.

Home Office Shed Design Elements Exterior

Anatomy Of A Home Office Shed Design

See the design elements chosen to transform this 10 x 14 foot Modern Series shed into a backyard home office.

Home Office Shed Design Elements Exterior
Home Office Shed Design Elements Interior

11. Get a bigger space than a cube

Office cubes are generally 25 to 36 square feet. At 96 to 140 square feet, our backyard sheds are several times larger. Get a backyard shed for your office, and you will have more space for yourself, your work, and your guests, to stretch out and calmly get things done.

office shed bigger than a cube

12. Decorate your office any way you want

Your backyard shed office lets you escape the office politics on what you can and can’t do with your office. You get to decorate your office however you want, and outfit it with the furniture you like best. That greater control and ownership reduces stress and sparks joy.

13. You’ll always get the corner office with windows

Your backyard shed office will have 4 corners. You can have us place the windows wherever you want, to maximize your access to life-sustaining natural views and sunlight. You’ll sleep better, be happier, and more productive.

14. No more noisy (or nosey) co-workers

Those co-workers who mean well but can’t help but stop by your desk to chat? They won’t be visiting your backyard office shed to tell you about what they had for lunch anymore. So, you can concentrate more easily on your work, and avoid the stress of constant unwanted interruptions, and get more work done.

15. Make a professional impression on video calls

In the world of all day back-to-back Zoom meetings, the clean, quiet environment of your backyard office shed will communicate your professionalism to your colleagues and clients.

office desk in backyard shed

16. Receive visitors with pride

Rather than meet at the coffee shop or in your kitchen, you can set in-person meetings with business colleagues in your backyard home office. There’s a greater pride in meeting in your own place of business. And with our high quality shed design, construction, and finishes, guests will be favorably impressed.

meeting in home office shed

17. Small business owner headquarters

A backyard shed office is not just for work-from-home employees, but also for the small business owner who needs a better home office than a nook in their kitchen. When you want to dedicate more space to running your business, rather than rent an office offsite, a backyard shed offers a separate space that’s closer to your home.

18. Gig economy worker’s office

A backyard office shed can equally help you restore your work/life balance, even if you freelance for multiple clients rather than a single company as an employee. You get the larger dedicated space, the separation from home, and the higher productivity a backyard office shed can bring you.

home based small business office shed

19. Work-From-Home will continue post-Covid

Many employees have realized they prefer to work from home, because of the greater flexibility, avoidance of a commute, and greater control over their work environment. Some employees want to retain the option to work from home, even if only a few days a week.

Employers who were skeptical at first have seen that, with today’s tech tools, employees can remain productive working from home. Employers can make their employees happier, and in the long run, save on company building costs.

happy wife and husband work from home

20. Your backyard office shed can serve valuable other uses in the future

Even if you end up going back to the company office, your backyard shed can be used as a home gym, a guest house, a she shed, a man cave, and a music or art studio. You may find it’s still your favorite room in your home — even though it’s just outside your house.

Gym Yoga Studio 1 - featured image
She Shed photo 1 - featured image
man cave shed backyard prefab 2
Art Craft Music Studio 1 - featured image

Improve your life with a backyard office shed from Sanctuary Sheds

By now we hope you are more excited by the advantages of adding an office shed to your backyard. You’ll boost your mental well-being with a separation between your work and home life, yet still ditch your commute and gain a work space faster and cheaper than an addition, with a space that’s larger than a cube, calmer than your company office, and that you can decorate however you like. We would love to design, build, and install a backyard shed office for you.


Get A Sanctuary Shed That Fits Your Style

Get A Sanctuary Shed That Fits Your Style

Modern Series by Sanctuary Shed blue exterior


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Modern Series by Sanctuary Shed blue exterior


Traditional Series 8 x 12 by Sanctuary Shed with distance learning exterior