Find answers to commonly asked questions about buying your Sanctuary Shed, including questions about design, production, and pricing.

General FAQs

Sanctuary Sheds can be shipped to all U.S. states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. If you live outside of the Twin Cities (Minnesota) metro area, a Sanctuary Shed customer service consultant will explain all shipping and installation details to you.

Yes – Sanctuary Sheds are built using standard residential construction methods and will withstand weather elements in any climate.

DuPont™ Tyvek® exterior house wrap and a roof ice and water membrane come standard on all Sanctuary Sheds. Additional insulation, heating and cooling options are available to make it a true four season sanctuary.

Check with your local government authorities for occupancy regulations.

The Sanctuary Sheds Process

Our expert customer service consultants can help you every step of the way to ensure that your purchase experience is as smooth as possible.

Step 1 – Preliminary Requirements

  • Understand building codes for your city to determine whether you need a permit.
  • We can provide structural CAD drawings or 3D renderings if needed.
  • Make sure that the installation site is accessible and appropriate for installation.

Step 2 – Design

  • Choose your favorite Sanctuary Shed (size and model).
  • View and select design and material options on the Modern or Traditional
  • Get pricing using our Pricing Calculator or from a customer service consultant.
  • Explore custom design options with a designer and finalize your choices with a Sanctuary Sheds Customer Service Consultant.

Step 3 – Order

  • We will provide estimates for delivery and installation.
  • We will send you a contract with all of your selections and final pricing.
  • To place your order, return the signed contract and 50% down-payment.
  • Payment can be remitted via check, credit card, ACH or financing.

Step 4 – Site Prep

  • All of our sheds require a foundation – either piers or a concrete slab. We can provide piers during installation, or provide foundation specifications for a contractor.
  • You work with a contractor to run desired utilities (electric, phone, cable, WIFI).
  • Remove/trim any trees or plants that may interfere with access or installation.
  • Contractors contact Gopher State One before digging at gopherstateonecall.org.

Step 5 – Fabrication

  • We build your Sanctuary Shed to your specifications in our facility in a minimum of 8 weeks, depending on the availability of building materials.
  • Customization of the structure and built-ins may require additional time.

Step 6 – Delivery & Installation

  • You provide proof of required permits and completed foundation.
  • You confirm there is sufficient access to the installation site.
  • Once the shed is complete, you pay the remaining balance of the shed, delivery & tax.
  • We schedule delivery of your Sanctuary Shed through our preferred shipping partners.
  • Our certified installers unload and assemble your Sanctuary Shed on-site in 2-3 days.
  • You pay for installation once installation is complete.

Contact a Sanctuary Sheds Customer Service Consultant with questions at 651-578-3666.

Sanctuary Sheds can do a free site visit for Twin Cities Metro locations and/or you can visit our showroom at any point during the process.

Ordering your Sanctuary Shed is simple. You can customize your Sanctuary Shed to your desired specifications by utilizing our online Pricing Calculator. If you want to learn more about our sheds and the ordering process, we ask that you fill out our online form and a Sanctuary Shed customer service consultant will contact you. Or, if you prefer to contact a Sanctuary Shed consultant directly, please call 651-578-3666, or Toll Free at 855-578-0222.

All Sanctuary Sheds are shipped 90% complete and final assembly is completed onsite by our certified installers. This ensures that your Sanctuary Shed is constructed like a custom home and will withstand the harshest of elements.

 If you prefer to finish the interior of your Sanctuary Shed yourself, you have the ability to purchase the Exterior Shell Only option.

Sanctuary Sheds are much less disruptive, more cost-effective and much faster to build than an addition or stand-alone structure.

Sanctuary Sheds isn’t like other backyard shed companies.  Our designs are sleek, modern, and distinctive.  We offer many beautiful finish options and upgrades so you can customize your shed to fit your individual tastes and lifestyle.  Sanctuary Sheds are built with the same quality as a custom home by our experienced team of craftsmen.  Our award winning service team is committed to making sure every project runs smoothly so that our customers can enjoy their custom backyard escape for many years to come.

Sanctuary Sheds are designed to be placed on a poured concrete slab or footings, similar to a deck. Because every install site is different, the foundation isn’t included in the price of a Sanctuary Shed. It’s the responsibility of the homeowner to have the foundation in place before installation begins.  

Sanctuary Sheds will provide a basic layout drawing with foundation requirements. If you have any questions, our customer service consultants can walk you through the process.

Be sure to check local regulations and HOA community requirements before ordering your Sanctuary Shed.  Most cities and local governments allow for the construction of a 200 square foot or less structure without a building permit. That’s why our 8×12 and 10×14 Sanctuary Shed models are so popular.


8×12 and 10×14 Modern Series – See the Dimensions Tab here.

8×12 and 10×14 Traditional Series – See the Dimensions Tab here.

General construction drawings will be made available upon the purchase of a Sanctuary Shed.

Yes – Please contact a Sanctuary Shed customer service consultant at 651-578-3666, or Toll Free at 855-578-0222 or email info@sanctuarysheds.com to assist you with samples.

Please see the colors on the Standard and Optional Features tabs on our Modern Series Shed page and Traditional Series Shed page for more details.

Please see the doors and windows on the Standard and Optional Features tabs on our Modern Series Shed page and Traditional Series Shed page for more details.

Sanctuary Sheds offers efficient heating and air conditioning as add-on options.

Sanctuary Sheds does not offer a solar-powered option at this time.

Sanctuary Sheds that are purchased with interior finishes include an electrical package for easy and simple electrical hookup for fixtures, switches and outlets.

Electrical service for your Sanctuary Shed is normally run from your home, however, a hookup for an alternative energy source, such as a generator, is also an option and would require discussion with a Sanctuary Shed customer service consultant. Trenching and hookup to the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Depending on what your local government requires, you may need a permit.

Sanctuary Sheds does not offer bathrooms and kitchenettes at this time.

Yes – If there are finish options that you want that we do not offer on the website, we are happy to work with you on custom selections.

We’re currently offering two size and style options. There are several ways to customize your Sanctuary Shed to make it your own. Please go to our Models page on our website for more details.


All Sanctuary Sheds can be installed in 1-3 days by our certified installers.

Lead times are minimum 8 weeks, pending the availability of building materials and the amount of customization.

Our buildings are designed and manufactured using conventional residential construction methods that adhere to strict standards. We use premium materials and provide options whenever possible.


All Sanctuary Sheds’ products, as well as our certified installations, are backed by a 1-year Limited Warranty covering material defects and workmanship. Additional manufacturer warranties apply to doors, windows, roofing, and certain other products included with your Sanctuary Shed.  

See more details about our warranty here.

Yes – Sanctuary Sheds arranges and manages the shipping. Costs vary depending on the shipping location and size of your shed. Please call us at 651-578-3666 or Toll Free at 855-578-0222 or email info@sanctuarysheds.com to speak with one of our customer service consultants for more details.

Your 50% deposit is refundable within 48 hours of ordering. You must contact your customer service consultant to cancel. Cancelling outside of this period will result in cancellation fees.  Feel free to put your deposit down early and get a place on the schedule while you work-out all the details with a Sanctuary Shed customer service consultant.

A fifty percent (50%) deposit of the purchase price for a Sanctuary Shed must be paid when the Shed is ordered.  The balance of the shed as well as delivery shall be paid prior to shipping. Installation shall be paid once installation is complete.  We accept personal checks, wire transfers and all major credit cards (with a 3% processing fee).

If you’re interested in financing your Sanctuary Shed, we have a partnership with Acorn Finance. Here’s a link to their information for quick and easy financing.

Base prices for all models and sizes are listed on our Pricing Calculator webpage.  Final prices will vary depending on the size and finishes that you select. The price of a Sanctuary Shed is much less than the cost of a comparable home addition or remodel. Additionally, Sanctuary Sheds are much faster and less disruptive to build.

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